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There are endless ideas out there for creating a jewellery piece, that’s truly one of a kind.

Here is a fun DIY jewellery idea that is a perfect easy craft. Create your own on trend charms bracelet like this.

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Craft type: Jewellery making

Materials: 925 Sterling Silver, Silver


Step 1

Measure your wrist and cut your chain to the desired length. Wrap the measuring tape around your wrist, and make sure the fit is not too tight. You can use the surplus for the next DIY J. You can opt for Sterling Silver Satellite Chain.


Step 2

Next, add your clasp to the piece of chain. You could go in for the 10mm Toggle Clasp (fpr a thicker chain) or 8mm Lobster Clasp.


Step 3

Select your charms and stones and place them as you like. I love those little charms!

You can use your birth stone or any other semi precious stone of your choice.


Step 4

Next, use jump rings to attach these to your bracelet.


Step 5

Time to put the pieces together to make your very own charm bracelet! Hold a jump ring with the pliers and carefully open the ring. Attach your charm on to the ring, slip the chain on, and close the jump ring with the pliers.


Step 6

Continue doing this for all the charms and stones, until all of your pieces are attached. Skip a few links between each charm and stone and make sure that all the charms and stones are facing the same direction.

You can also add a chain/bracelet extender.

Tada, your charms bracelet is ready!


Feel free to experiment, adding different styles to suit your own!

DIY bracelets are inexpensive but look chic. Plus, you’ll see that learning how to make jewellery is fun!  You can make on for yourself or gift it to a friend!

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