Tips on Buying Sterling Silver

One of the top metals chosen for jewelry is sterling silver. Sterling silver is popular with both men and women, because of their neutral quality and great value.

It is a durable and versatile metal – over 90% pure silver, mixed with alloys to add strength.

However, not all sterling silver jewelry is created equal. You need to know some important facts about sterling silver – what to look for, both in-store and online, to find quality items.

Look for the marking

Be sure to look out for the markings on metal jewelry. Sterling silver is almost always marked with a small engraving of 925, .925, or 92.5. These marks are typically present on the underside. This is one of the most important ways to know if it is an authentic sterling silver.


Understand Measurement

Before selecting a size of a jewlery piece, visualize the given measurements. Online measurements are noted in either inches or millimeters. Be aware of the measurement units.

Understanding Tarnish

Tarnishing occurs over time as the silver is exposed to certain chemicals and substances in the air. Tarnish, which is actually silver sulphide, appears as blackened or darkened areas on the jewellery or silverware. New sterling silver jewelry should be shiny and show no signs of tarnish.

Watch for the word plated

If a jewlery item is described as “silver-plated,” then it is not sterling silver. It is only coated in silver for the look. The item is often made of nickel, copper, or another metal.

Inspect for quality

If purchasing online, the store images should be high-resolution, close-up digital photos of the item. Another inspection is testing all clasps to be sure that they’re secure, and easy to use.

Read all the provided information

Online retailers offer a wide selection of jewelry and make it easy to search for what you want. Get the details about the item. There should be a detailed description with measurements of the item and details about the metal composition. Look for an address or a phone number to get in touch if you have a question or need help.

It is important to do thorough research and buy from a reputable company

Check the return policy 

Be sure to read the store’s refund and return policy before you buy. If you have a problem with the jewelry you purchased, first try to resolve it with the jeweler. If you are dissatisfied with the response, contact your local consumer protection bureau.

Final Thoughts 

Sterling silver is a perfect accessory for today’s fast paced lifestyles.  Proper caring and maintenance is necessary for any fine jewelry.  Compare quality, price, and service before making your purchase.


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